Sypht | Automated Document Analysis

With an excess of information it becomes increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter and get to valuable information.

Here at Sypht - that's the problem we're tackling. We're cutting pages to paragraphs so you can spend less time wading through a sea of text.

From summarizing textbooks and case studies, to finding inconsistencies in legal documents, we save you time so you can focus on what really matters.

logan jason devin kim

Logan Dix

Jason Stofiel

Devin Santamaria

Kim Nguyen

Logan is the chief founder of Sypht. Logan focuses on web application development and media productions. He enjoys spending his free time with family and in the outdoors.

Jason is the resident graphic designer and marketing material creator. The ability to connect a company with customers for mutual benefit drives Jason.

Devin leads the development of Sypht, handling UI/UX testing and the implementation of Sypht. He is driven by a passion to build, create and implement ideas from the ground up.

Kim is Sypht's marketing and communications strategist. She has over 4 years of consumer relations experience.

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